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We are looking for Dancers with a background (5 years or more) in either classical or contemporary dance.

Please send us your basic resume which includes:

1) Previous training: Your background academically and in dance.
2) Physical skills: Please specify any special skills, for example rope artist, martial arts, yoga and so forth
3) Pictures and videos: These are just for us to get an idea of your capability as a dancer, please do not stress with the picture quality.
4) Contact details: We request you to share both your email ID and phone number.

A little about us:-


This is where our dance company is based out of. We have a simple studio beside the beautiful Vellayani lake, in a small village named ookode. Our rehearsal hours are from 9am till 4pm from Monday through to Friday. We work, dance, train, teach and create, under the roof of Natyashram.

Training: Training which we provide for all our dancers involves multiple classical dance forms, Yoga and Martial arts that contribute to the signature dance style of the Daksha Sheth Dance Company.

All shortlisted dancers will have to be auditioned before selection.

Please mail us at: